Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Buenos Aires

So, everyone raves about BA (of the Argentinian variety rather than the flying sort), so I went to find out for myslef... Everything about BA is big: the parrillas, wine glasses, sixteen lane roads, architecture, cemetry, football, tango, shops, rain, parks and more; oh, and the bus station has 175 platforms. So basically there is something (and a lot of it) for everyone. The city also seems to exist in its own time zone: dinner at 22.00, go out after midnight, and return home after dawn... all good =) Recoleta was unexpectedly ornate, La Boca colourful (despite the rain), the tango mind boggling, and the architecture just impressive.

While I was there also popped across to Uragauy for the day. Ferry (worthy of cruise liner status, unlike the one to Zanzibar) across the water, and then a day wandering the quaint streets of Colonia de Sacramento...

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