Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Little Prince

I ventured out to the Valdes Peninsular in the hope of seeing a whale; or maybe two. With personal assurance that there would be whales at this time of year, I risked the extra two overnight buses, and it was totally worth it! The Southern Rights came within about 10m of the beach, and later on they were right up agains the boat. At any time could see three or four whales, and knew where another dozen or so were submereged just below the surface... On the boat for just over an hour, but could have stayed there all day watching the whales splash and play in the ocean.

Next was a beach (supposed to be) covered in elefante seals... but there were only about a dozen of the huge things. Far more interesting were the handful of dolphins leaping in the river eastury. On the drive back, passed Isla de los Pájaros, which supposedly inspired the first image in "The Little Prince".

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Anonymous said...

Whales sound wonderful; Maybe I should go there and stand on beach then I wouldn't be sea sick.Keep on having a good time, Maggie x