Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rio to Quito. Simple?

So, flying from Rio to Quito, a fairly simple exercice... After dozens of failed attempts at booking the damn flight(s) I finally had a booking reference number, and therefore, a seat on a plane to get to Quito...
The 03.00 flight from Rio to Panama was cancelled less than an hour before take-off; a good start to the day. The scheduled 09.00 flight to Sao Paulo turned out not to exist; in fact there are no flights that leave Rio at 09.00 on a Saturday. Ended up being put on to a flight to Buenos Aires, which was meant to stop in Sao Paulo´s Guarulhos airport, but was then diverted to Santos Dumont instead. Got a bus back to the right airport, and then tried to check in again for my flight to Panama... The flight was then delayed by four hours, meaning that (in theory) I would miss my connecting flight. About two hours from Panama they told us that we might be diverted to Costa Rica becuase apparently there is a hurricane heading in the direction of Panama... although did actually end up in Tocumen afterall. Fortunately the Quito flight was also delayed , so I didn´t miss that one. Relieved to finally be sitting on the plane to Quito, I got chucked off the plane becuase there was someone else (who spoke better Spanish) with the same seat number... but then someone from business class got chucked off too becuase he was too drunk, so I got his seat - score! - next to an au pair with two screaming smelly six month old twins - less good. Arrived at my hostel at 03.30 to (obviously) find the door locked and nobody at reception... but knocking (banging) on the door for long enough woke the owner up and she let me in. Then I went to sleep.

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