Thursday, 6 September 2007


From Foz do Iguacu (via an unplanned day in Sao Paulo) it was off to Paraty. I arrived on the last day of the Festival da Pinga de Paraty (which turned out to be a rum festival, rather than a penguin party...) Fifteen somber guitars were followed bt a geriatric in a nice orange number accomanied by white leggins danced around the stage for a couple of hours, quite bizarre, but helped by the caipirinhas...

Next stop Rio de Janeiro... although somehow not quite right to arrive in Rio inside a very rainy grey cloud; Pao de Acucar was totally invisible from only a hundred metres away, and Copacobana beach was empty! Soon found out that there is plenty to do in rainy Rio, and explored the streets of Copacobana, bars of Ipanema and samba clubs of Lapa. Also learned that posh business men can disrupt last-night-in-Rio plans, and hire out the entire Pao de Acucar!

On my last day in Rio the sun decided to show its face, so ended up doing all the touristy Rio things in a day: Pao de Acucar, Christo Redentor, Santa Teresa, Copacobana... An amazing day =)

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