Monday, 23 July 2007

The most dangerous road in the world... twice

La Paz is at 3660m, so still suffering from the altitude clearly I would follow all logical advice to rest, drink lots of water and stay as low as possible....

Hmmm, well the not-so-sensible part of me hired a mountain bike, got a bus to 4850m and then cycled 69km down the world´s most dangerous road. Great fun (although the 10km of uphill cycling on gravel and sand at >4000m was a a tad tricky), and I managed not to go into freefall over the 600m cliffs, so was all good =) The end of the road is at only 1200m, so got a few lungfuls of decent oxygen, before getting back in a van which drove back up the road I´d just cycled down; much worse in the van than on a bike!

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lfmx said...

I am considering cycling the three miles to work as they have closed the hospital car park to staff. The trouble is the 300ft ascent at the end of the day. I just dont know if I could make it. lfmx