Thursday, 5 July 2007

Hola from Lima

Drunk Polish builders, bomb squad at every junction and roundabout, bag and body searches, flight confusion, and lost passengers. Then I finally took off from Edinburgh. Met Dad at Schipol - very odd...

Scenery flying into Peru was spectacular, the mountains are immense - I don't know words big enough to describe, and really bizzare to fly below the horizon... Arrived in Lima late afternoon, and then to a hostel in Miraflores... driving is mad, but nothing compared to Vietnam! - and only one minor collision on the forty minute drive.

In summary, I am alive.

PS - I offically hate Orange (rather than the usual disliking); they said my mobile would work here, but it doesn't - not even in Holland - so I cannot send nor receive anything =(

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lfmx said...

Hola! Glad to hear that you arrived OK and as planned. Texted you in Amsterdam, wondered why it wouldn't deliver. Perhaps you can buy a local sim card. This is clever. lfmx